11 awesome things to make using empty wine bottles

Because you've got enough of them lying around, that's for sure.


Since you're a student we're guessing you've got some empty cans and bottles lying around. Just a hunch.

Well, whilst those beer cans might be a bit of a lost cause, turns out your wine bottles may be ripe for reusing. But we aren't just talking recycling here. We're talking upcycling.

That's right, it's the craze that's sweeping the internet (or as a lot of people like to call it, Pinterest) and it's all about turning your rubbish in to functional, beautiful stuff.

In the case of wine bottles you can make art, light and even water your garden. So whether you're looking to decorate or innovate, your empty bottles could be just the ticket.

1. Sweet holders


2. A work of art


3. Some awesome lighting

Upcycled wine bottles.jpg

4. A wrist accessory stand


5. An automated water system for your garden

Blog 02  successful test of recycled wine bottle for self watering.jpg

If all goes to plan (and you put in enough water to match the amount of soil it's going in to) the water will be gradually soaked up as needed. Perfect.

6. A bird feeder


7. A decorative shelf

10208 winebottleshelves.jpg

8. A hanging candle stand


9. A wine-cock


10. Decorative noticeboards


11. A wine shaped blackboard