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Things your mother never told you about pregnancy

The miracle of life is a very romantic image. The gradual growth of a bump, the celebrated ‘pregnant-lady glow’ and an extra-caring partner all sound beautiful. But the reality of pregnancy is far from pretty.

Our mothers tell us that “the pain was all worth it”, but a lot of changes happen in the build-up to birth that nobody tells us about until we’re already experiencing it.

Before you jump into such a life-changing event, you need to be aware of all the symptoms of pregnancy.

The lack of control                                                                        

Your body is supposed to be your temple. But during pregnancy it’s far from a holy ground. Doctors prod and poke and the whole experience can feel somewhat undignified. Medical staff don’t think anything of it, but for us, it’s not a natural position to be in.

Vomiting is also an uncontrollable body function which can happen during pregnancy at any moment. Pregnancy can cause sickness at any point of the day (not just in the mornings).

Trips to the toilet will also become more frequent when you’re pregnant, so make sure you have some good reading material close at hand.

What’s that smell?

In the lead up to labour, control over flatulence disappears. The baby moves around and pushes on your bowels, naturally making you gassy. Your partner may not be quite so appreciative of the fact that you don’t smell of roses 24/7.

Do I look big in this?

It’s said that women bloom during pregnancy. For celebrities, the gradually growing bump is glamorous, but this is not the case for everybody.

You lose your sense of size when you grow in such a short period of time. Bumps, bruises and general clumsiness are to be expected, as well as stretch marks and varicose veins.

The added weight leads to constant tiredness and it can be hard to perform daily tasks like standing up, getting into a car and putting on shoes.

The excess skin also doesn’t just disappear. The skin stretches as you grow during pregnancy and the resulting loose skin after labour doesn’t tuck itself back in -  so make sure you get yourself back to the gym, sharpish.

Getting down with it

Sex when you’re pregnant can be strange. The hormones released during this time change a woman’s sex drive from one day to the next. It’s common for women to want less sex in the first trimester, more in the second and none in the third (mainly due to positioning problems).

A male’s sex drive will also change. Many men see their role in a pregnancy as the protector of the woman and baby. Some men take time to adjust to their partner’s changing body, while others find it a complete turn on.

Of course, pregnancy is different for everybody. The best option is to seek Clearblue Advice so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The best news is that as soon as you see your baby, you forget the pain. Or so your mum says.

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