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Student Trends in Coloured Contact Lenses

Student Trends in Coloured Contact Lenses

One of the hottest trends in eye wear right now is coloured contact lenses and many students have found that these fashionable lenses do more for their appearance than eye make-up. Coloured contact lenses come in an extensive variety of colours which can provide just about any look which someone might be attempting to achieve.

Coloured contact lenses can be worn even if you do not have vision problems, in this manner, coloured contact lenses are more like fashion accessories. It is possible to change your eye colour for a number of different reasons. Maybe you want the colour to reflect your particular mood, or on the other hand, you may want to choose an eye colour based upon a particular outfit.

Of all the colours that contact lenses come in, blue is the most popular particularly among the student community. This is likely to be because the majority of people have brown eyes yet dream of having blue ones. Well, thanks to coloured contact lenses, they can. Blue coloured contact lenses come in many different shades and choosing the right shade for whatever occasion you need can really enhance your persona and prove great for confidence building.

Another popular colour for contact lenses is green. It is said that people equate green eyes with a hint of sexuality, making it understandable why many students not born with green eyes would be dying to get this look. Just like blue coloured contact lenses, the green ones come in a variety of hues.

One lesser known colour of contact lenses that is gaining in popularity is amethyst. This colour is desired for its ability to create a look of mystery and generally speaking, people with dark eyes and medium to dark skin look best in amethyst coloured contact lenses.

If however you were looking to make an impact but didn’t want to radically change your colour another trend in coloured contacts that might be more suited to you is definition ring contact lenses. The purpose of this kind of coloured contact lens is to give your natural colour more definition which makes your eyes appear larger and much deeper. In order to accomplish this, definition ring contacts are essentially clear with a dark border around the edge of the eye designed to accentuate them.

Whatever form of coloured contact you might choose you can be sure they will give you an advantage in making a bigger impact on people’s impressions of you, which is essential to any student’s lifestyle.

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