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Sports cars or special editions – what would you buy?

Although there is room in most people's lives for a fully functional workhorse of a motor vehicle, sometimes it's nice to wonder what kind of car you would buy if you didn't have to take the kids into account or worry about whether or not the boot was big enough to fit the weekly shopping into. 

Go topless

Although the lack of any real summer in the UK this year might make you think otherwise, there is nothing better on a hot sunny summers day that putting the roof down on a car and taking a drive. Convertibles come in all shapes and sizes and most popular makes such as Honda should all have a version that allows the lid to come off and the freedom of the road to literally blow through your hair.

Sporty styling

A sports car has a strange connection with men of a certain age trying to hold back the tide of time, but of course someone of any gender and age can enjoy the sporty delights these cars offer. The Honda CR-Z GT offers some fantastic features such as 16" Alloy Wheels, a multi-function driver computer and a 3 Mode Drive System (Sport/Normal/Econ) which means you can adapt your style of driving to the environment you find yourself in.

Bring the noise

There's something a little sad about hearing the sound system of a car driving down the road before your hear its engine, but there's no denying that music and driving go hand in hand in so many ways. This means that most stylish models of car recognise the need to adapt to current trends and so you'll be more than likely to find all sorts of connections to make sure your portable music player can access the car stereo system.

Colour scheme

In an age when you can mix and match colours on everything from your fridge to your laptop case, it makes sense to want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the colour of your car. Buying a limited edition run such as a Honda Civic Ti often gives options for unusual or unique colour schemes that don't otherwise appear in the usual ranges of the models and therefore make it that little bit easier to spot your car in the multi story car park!


Yes of course, that all important "0 to 60" figure that crops up in media reviews all the time but can seem a little pointless when the speed limit on even the emptiest motorway in the UK is stuck at 70 mph. The answer for all speed freaks who are getting their hands on a zippy model is to take a little trip to Germany where the Autobahns have an unlimited speed limit.

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