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Samsung E1190: A good call for students

After tuition fees, the average monthly cost of living as a student is £640. With rents for an academic year typically costing more than £5,000 in London, being a student can seem a huge financial challenge. 

But one thing you will probably (understandably) be very reluctant to forego is your mobile phone – how else will you keep in touch with friends across town or campus, and make the odd call home? 

There are figures suggesting that, on average, a student will spend around £24 monthly on their mobile. For some, that’s more than expenditure on books and other course materials. 

With so many things to shell out for, clearly you need to keep outgoings as economic as possible. If your phone isn’t permanently welded to your ear and you’re not addicted to texting, you could be paying for minutes and text messages you don’t need. So consider paying for just the usage you require, and not a penny more. 

In fact, pay as you go (PAYG) deals could save you money even if you’re not a heavy user of your phone – these deals now offer competitive tariffs for a broad range of users. 

As added bonuses, there’s no advance credit check. You can be commitment-phobic as far as contracts are concerned, and many students find PAYG generally easier to budget for. 

Remember, you can also make money by recycling your old mobile. (Alternatively, you may want to hang on to a cheaper, older handset to take to things like festivals or big nights out.) 

One handset that won’t break the bank or force you to compromise on style is the Samsung E1190, on sale at Carphone Warehouse for £6.95. 

This clamshell model has all the basics most students are going to need to stay in touch and organise their lives. It’s not bad for carrying around campus in a rucksack as it flips shut into a handy small size when you’re not using it, and is lightweight and robust. 

With its 1.43-inch CSTN display screen and 65k colours, the Samsung E1190 comes with an organiser, voice memo and predictive text input. Large keys make this phone user-friendly and there’s even a nifty mobile tracker which can help you locate it if it’s lost. Not to mention a calendar, calculator and stopwatch. 

You’ll find stacks of other great apps, too, and features including a torch, speakerphone and alarm to get you to morning lectures on time. 

But another reason this particular model is popular is its long battery life. Talk for well over eight hours and get up to 570 hours of standby.

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