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Florida Park Tickets

It may be possible that there is a place on Earth with a higher density of theme parks than Florida but it is highly unlikely. Thrill rides, exhibits, shows; Orlando has it all. Not only that, but through FloridaTix, you can book ahead, dodge the queues and have real paper tickets (not e-tickets) printed and sent to your door at no extra charge.

Florida’s theme parks and attractions

Florida, and FloridaTix, has it all. We can arrange amazing discounts for you at the following places:

·         Universal Studios Hollywood

·         SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

·         Universal’s Islands of Adventure

·         The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

·         Walt Disney World Resort

·         Kennedy Space Center

·         Legoland Florida

·         Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Looking for something a little bit different? There’s more! FloridaTix doesn’t just handle the big names, we can arrange discount packages for anything from tours and trips to shows and dinners.

Thrill Rides

Orlando is the place to go for the ultimate adrenalin rush that comes with bigger, better, scarier rollercoasters. Our multi-park bonus packages and flex tickets allow you to push yourself to the boundaries of terror over and over again as many times as you like at as  many different parks as you can manage over a period of anywhere from 1 to 14 days. The Dragon Challenge at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter enables you to choose from two fiercely frightful dragon rollercoasters. When you’ve finally decided which of the two, the ferocious Chinese Fireball or the aggressive Hungarian Horntail is the scariest of the two, move on to test your bravery at Universal’s Islands of Adventure on the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.

Go Orlando and Go Miami Cards

Explore dozens of top attractions in either Miami or Orlando for three, five or seven days of museums, outdoor attractions, cruises, tours and other exciting adventures. Prices start at £33 Child/£40 Adult for one day to £181 Child/£207 Adult for seven days.

Orlando Balloon Rides

Capture a bird’s-eye view of tranquil Floridian forests and swamps. Toast your adventure with champagne and return to the starting point of your journey for an all-you-can-eat buffet; you will certainly have an appetite! Take home a signed certificate from your pilot in commemoration of the occasion.

Daytona Speedway Experiences – Feed your Formula One fantasies on a 1.06-mile stretch of this iconic course. Strap yourself in behind the wheel of your own Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or other high-performance car for six laps on your own or climb into the passenger seat with a professional race driver at the wheel for the thrill of a lifetime.

Busch Gardens Serengeti Safari Tour – Photograph zebras, feed giraffes and take in the most exquisite scenery on 65 acres of exotic animal reserve at the Busch Gardens Serengeti Plain.

Shows and dinners

Take a well-deserved rest from adrenalizing and take in a show or relax and have a meal to reflect on your adventures and plan your tales for the folks back home. Tuck in to a Medieval banquet with Princess Esperanza and King Alfonso while enjoying an amazing spectacle of falconry and jousting at the Medieval Times dinner show. Enjoy a Broadway-quality musical in the unlikely setting of an 18th century galleon while eating a feast and washing it down with two rounds of complimentary soft drinks. Afterwards, party the night away with full-time swashbucklers. Solve a murder mystery with other guests at the dinner table at the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show.

There is so much to explore in Florida. Let us help you arrange the trip of a lifetime. Payment accepted by PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro and VISA.

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