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Essentials for student flats

When students are looking for accommodation, sometimes they need a little guidance as to what essential items are necessary. A Jacuzzi bath may be a major attraction and in turn a location above a curry house can appear highly advantageous, but what are the true fundamentals to look out for when choosing a student flat?

There must be somewhere to cook. A kitchen without a cooker or with one gas ring won’t be sufficient for four hungry students. Varied shapes and sizes are on the market, from dual fuel to gas range cookers, and it’s important that you find accommodation with an oven and preferably a grill too. It doesn’t matter if it’s gas or electric, as long as it’s in full working order.

Furniture: ensure there are enough chairs and sofas for all. Students can’t afford to buy a brand new or even second hand suite. The same applies to beds: it may seem a good idea in the short term to sleep on the floor, but give it a week and students will be craving a mattress.

Cleaning items are essential. Check to see if there is a vacuum cleaner or at least a broom and mop. Be aware that houses are not self cleaning, and a deposit is non refundable if the house is left in disarray.

Cooking utensils are also a must. Students can’t cook without pots and pans. These also need to be cleaned on a regular basis, while a number of knives, forks and spoons should be present. There isn’t a student on the planet who hasn’t pocketed an eating utensil from a café or service station at some point due to a lack of the same back at home.

A washing machine is a very useful addition to any student flat. This appliance will save on trips to the laundrette, which tend to diminish as the term progresses. It will also please every parent who opens their offspring’s suitcase at the end of term and finds it full to the brim with dirty, smelly clothes.

A television is an essential item for the living room if the student flat has one. If possible, also choose a flat that has a kettle and a toaster. Late night cramming and revision needs to be fuelled by hot, strong coffee and plenty of toast, the staple diet for most students.

Whatever the accommodation, ensure that the items above are included. A rule of thumb: make sure essential items are in place – this will allow you to eat, sleep, and cook.

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