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Where’s Hot in 2013?

Are you bored of shivering your way through another grey day at home? Give yourself something to look forward to by planning ahead now for the hottest clubbing holidays 2013  has to offer. Work, study, life. It all gets a bit humdrum from time to time. So what can you do to break the monotony and give yourself a little boost? How about looking ahead to a holiday? Finish those exams or book your annual leave and leave it all behind next year by putting yourself in the hands of the people who t... read more

8 Steps to Write Your Way Through Uni

You don’t need to be the modern day Charles Dickens to get a job as a writer; you don’t even need to be a writer to get a job as a writer.I finished my degree at the University of Kent earlier this year, obviously the work wasn’t a walk in the park, but do you want to know what I found hardest? Finding a job that could work around my lectures.Some companies didn’t understand phrases like ‘I can’t work Thursdays; I have lectures’ whereas other business’ would force you to do the foul work beca... read more

How to make the most of a living space

Whether you’re living in a shared house or still stuck in the realms of university halls of residence, the enjoyment which you get from your living space will be largely derived from how it is organised – and from whether you have a suitable device to view films on, of course. Whilst organisation is not normally a feature which many people associate with the student population, the fact remains that nobody wants to spend their time ‘relaxing’ in a room which is barely fit for habitation. Maki... read more

Job Seeking: Attitude is Everything

Let’s face it; the current state of our economy is not an easy thing to feel optimistic about. When we are constantly hearing about lay offs, and how difficult it is to find jobs these days, we may get discouraged in finding something new, or fearfully cling to current positions that may not make us feel fulfilled. However, as it turns out, it all comes down to your attitude. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort that it takes to find a job, you will eventually find something that... read more

Graduate Jobs in Advertising

So I’m on the train, heading to an interview at a large advertising company. Chesney Hawkes’s I am the One and Only is playing on my i-pod, and I’m wearing my lucky red socks. I’ve applied for loads of jobs since finishing university and have had several interviews, which are like glowing carrots in the sticky wilderness of graduate job hunting. My lecturers told me that jobs are scarce and competition is fierce, so I was half expecting to be clad in armour and sent into a gladiator style d... read more

BlackBerry 10 vs Windows Phone 8: Which Is The Best Operating System For Students?

Choosing a new mobile can be tough. You’re probably pretty familiar with the handset you’ve got, and your mates will be throwing loads of different opinions of what you should choose next. Although price is an extremely important factor when buying new kit, we also want to get the best tech our money can buy and hopefully bag a device that has some pretty cool features.You may be currently toting an iOS device from Apple or an Android mobile, and be curious about what other options are availa... read more

Essentials and things to consider as you move into a student house

Whether you’re going into your first year Fresh Meat style or you’re a second year moving out of halls, moving into your first student house can be daunting and will require a few more essentials than university accommodation. We’ve put together some helpful tips on things you’ll need as you take this exciting next step.1. Get your broadband and bills set up earlyMoving into student housing means having to take on a lot more responsibility than you would with your ‘everything included with th... read more

How to Have a Student Holiday with a Difference

As a student, you'll want to take as much advantage of your 3-month holiday as possible. Travel is always a popular option with students, as it's the only time you'll get as a young adult for a lengthy holiday.Still, it's surprising that so many students manage to spoil their own holiday through inadequate planning. Your biggest obstacle is most likely to be your budgetary constraints, so if you want to have a good time without dipping into your overdraft too much, we suggest you book through... read more

Money Saving Tips for Students

The new university year is fast approaching, and whether you’re a fresher or a returning student – you’ll still be faced with the same money issues that seem to be a standard, accepted part of student life. It doesn’t have to be this way! Want to go travelling, or move to London at the end of university? Try the savings calculator from Money Vista to calculate how much you can save. Over 3 years if you can put a mere £83 a month away you will finish university with £3000 to start your journey... read more

Do you want to go to university this September?

You’ve spent the majority of your final year at school locked away in the library and the time has come for your A Level results day on 15 become a reality. If you haven’t secured your place by results day, your journey isn’t over just yet. Clearing provides an opportunity for university applicants who haven’t yet secured a university place to find vacancies on degree courses for the coming October. These can include places freeing up where other candidates haven’t met their criteria, and cou... read more

Cheap Ways To Travel The UK

If like many others you have decided to save money by holidaying in the UK instead of abroad you might get conned into spending a small fortune on public transport that promises to be cheaper when actually it is anything but. The cost of a single train journey can cost nearly £20 dependent on which train line you choose and your destination­ and that's just for one trip. If once you're at your location you need to travel further the cost of taxis, coaches and buses are sure to leave you with ... read more

Five Health Issues That Can Affect Your Driving Ability

It’s a cliché, but clichés contain truth: once behind the wheel of the car you’re in control of a potentially dangerous weapon. That’s why you need to be sure you’re in the best possible condition to drive. Here are some of the most important health issues that can affect your driving:EyesightNothing is more important than your eyesight when it comes to driving. There are plenty of things you need to look out for while doing so, such as road signs and on-road hazards. If you can't proficientl... read more

Five Summer Holidays to Make your Friends Jealous

Continually teased by the UK’s short-lived sunny spells, many of us can think of little else but a hot summer getaway. Don’t let those fantasies be dampened by the showers – instead, dig out your sunglasses, dust off that suitcase and take a look at these five dream destinations that are sure to leave your friends green with envy.MaldivesWith sparking blue seas and soft, white, sandy beaches, the Maldives truly are a little piece of heaven. Set in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the islands bo... read more

Premium French Camping Holiday Ideas

The beauty of France, with its luscious landscape, exciting history and temperate climate, makes it the perfect destination for premium camping. Forget getting down and dirty and instead embrace luxury with an elegant camping trip in some of the best camp sites in France.Camping les Peneyrals, SarlatFor outstanding natural beauty that will take your breath away, Dordogne is the number one location for a premium French camping holiday. The Camping les Peneyrals campsite allows for easy explora... read more

Fighting the Weight War

Trying to stay in shape and maintain a fit and healthy body is a constant battle. For men and women dieting and exercise have become almost year long fights against becoming overweight and the fight gets harder as you get older too. Diets are becoming more and more extreme and require a lot of dedication and surveillance to stick to, it is almost like waging a war on the fat.Motivating Yourself and Giving Yourself a Reason to Lose WeightHaving a reason to go to war against anything is crucial... read more

N’Make a Meal of It: How to Save Money on Eating Out

Eating out is one of life’s real luxuries. The routine of booking a table in advance, sitting down to some fine food, drink and conversation simply cannot be beaten. However, with today’s influx of high street chicken shops, street food vendors, and a rising ‘grab n go’ mentality: the tradition has undoubtedly become a little lost. Of course, one of the biggest reasons for this new fast and furious dining out experience is money, or more to the point: a lack of it. With cheaper produce comes ... read more

A Holiday to Remember: How to Save Money on Travel

With the chilly weather truly outstaying its welcome, you might find yourself escaping the only way you know how… But forget just day dreaming about fruity cider, festivals and summer fun; despite seeming a world away, it won’t actually be long before it is fully upon us.Let’s face it, with last year’s heady mix of sporting success and patriotic excitement, twenty twelve is going to be hard summer to beat. If you want to ensure yet another belter, heading abroad might be the only way of escap... read more

Look Good for Less: How to Save on Beauty Essentials

For us gals (and a fair few metrosexual guys), the impending arrival of a summer holiday can mean only one thing: a whole heap of beauty preparation. From spray tanning to leg waxing, it’s easy to devote more time getting ready for a holiday than the actual amount of time spent abroad! So is it worth splashing out on endless treatments and products for such a short spell in the sun? As any beauty junkie can attest to, sometimes the allure of the Boots make-up aisle is just far too enticing (e... read more

Electronic Cigarettes – Just What Are They?

You might have seen fellow students in a bar or club smoking what looked like a cigarette – but wait it lights up at the end, and they are using it inside? E-cigarettes are growing in popularity and according to the BBC users are set to reach 1 million in the UK this year. But what exactly are they?Electronic cigarettes are battery powered devices that heat up an e-liquid solution and turn it into a vapour that users can then inhale in much the same way as a traditional cigarette. They do not... read more

The Frugal Foodie: Top Tips for Saving Money on Meals

If you are somebody who loves to eat, having to cut down on the amount you spend on food can be an incredibly frustrating experience. From saying no to eating out, to resigning yourself to the most mind-numbingly boring food for your packed lunch (yes, we’re talking about you, rapidly wilting lettuce leaves) – it’s never fun or very satisfying. But although you might have to cut down on expensive restaurants and using an elaborate amount of ingredients at home, budgeting on food doesn’t... read more

Coach travel fit for a king

Since I’m taller than the average person by a considerable amount, the prospect of travelling to another country on a coach was unattractive. Then, I started to do a little research. I managed to find iDBUS. Not only did they offer excellent prices in comparison to other companies, they also offered a tall traveller some comfort; 84cms doesn’t sound like a lot, but with that as a minimum between seats, it certainly made a difference. The positives didn’t end with the leg room. As an avid rea... read more

Eating Healthier While Saving Money

As kids everyone is told to eat their vegetables and to get their five a day. It is fair to say that as adults these food guidelines tend to slip as job or education stresses make takeaways or simple, quick, microwave meals very appealing. As a result eating healthily tends to take a back seat to ease and simplicity, with the majority of us seeing healthy foods as being more expensive and taking longer to prepare. However this isn’t necessarily the case, getting your five a day is not as big ... read more

How to save money during your studies

If you’re reading this and you’re feeling anxious about whether or not you’ll actually get into university, we don’t blame you. The last few months before you get the results which will decide whether you’ll be able to study for your degree can be stressful, but if you make it you might be worried about whether you can afford to study in the first place!Making it on your ownOne of the biggest factors about studying at university is that you might be away from your parents for the first time. ... read more

Unwanted guests

I have very clear memories of the odour which pervaded our lovely bright, girly, bunting clad flat at the beginning of second year. For the first two weeks of term we took in an itinerant photographer friend who generated a fog of cigarette smoke tinged with sickly sweet energy drink wherever he went. Which was pretty much only our kitchen. For two entire weeks. Needless to say, our cries of “oh what a shame” when he finally announced he was moving on were rather half hearted. Once we’d cle... read more

Florida Park Tickets

It may be possible that there is a place on Earth with a higher density of theme parks than Florida but it is highly unlikely. Thrill rides, exhibits, shows; Orlando has it all. Not only that, but through FloridaTix, you can book ahead, dodge the queues and have real paper tickets (not e-tickets) printed and sent to your door at no extra charge. Florida’s theme parks and attractionsFlorida, and FloridaTix, has it all. We can arrange amazing discounts for you at the following places:·         ... read more

Care for your sofa as well as your kids!

The summer holidays are only just over and half term is approaching already. One problem... It's taken all this time to get your home looking ship shape and the last thing you need is your little horrors making a return and messing up all your hard work. Some of you will have done a mini makeover in anticipation of the annual family visit, and the old sofa is always the first thing to go. Although most of the kids’ muck and mess can be quickly wiped away, it's always the expensive items like ... read more

Do you think that an Academic English course can only be boring? Think again!

You have decided to study at a British university and do everything in your power to achieve your goal. One of the many obstacles ahead of you is the IELTS exam required to enter English higher education for non-native speakers. You already have a good level of English, but even the mention of Academic English fills you with fear, doesn’t it? You picture an old professor in a tweed jacket, sitting in a classroom pontificating about some boring science topic that you can’t possibly understand.... read more

A* Style: The Varsity Trend

Last year’s big trend was statement leggings, the year before it was a bit of Cheryl Cole-style colour blocking. But this year: it’s all about Varsity.From ‘athletic chic’ to ‘sports luxe’, there have been many phrases coined to describe this laidback look. Takings its cue from the sporty, ‘jock’ style Letterman jacket popularised by American high schoolers and college kids, it can mean anything from hi-tops to preppy shirts.If you’d like to incorporate a little relaxation into your spr... read more

French ski resort alternatives explored

France is always a popular destination for a winter holiday. Whether skiing or just enjoying the sights, there are plenty of resorts to choose from. Although the most popular resorts are located along the eastern Alps or the southern Pyrenees, there are still a few other locations that are worth considering. We take a look at some other French ski resorts that are perfect for that well earned winter break on the slopes. Vosges  The Vosges are a small mountain range located in the north east o... read more

Seven tips for Students buying a bed on a budget

We all know that the student lifestyle can involve burning the candle at both ends but that doesn’t mean you don’t still need your beauty sleep. A good night’s rest won’t just stop you falling asleep in lectures, it can help you fight off any cold and flu bugs doing the rounds. It can even improve your memory function – especially important at exam time. If you’re buying a bed for the first time there’s quite a lot to consider, so here are a few tips to get you started.1. Bed or mattress?Firs... read more

Travel by train this summer

Summer’s upon us. Beaches, buddies, music festivals, culture capitals and the 2012 Olympics mean you’ve got a lot of places to visit in the coming months! And you’re not going to want to throw your money away on expensive travel costs.  Luckily, the cost of train fares to popular destinations is at an all-time low. There’s never been a better time to hop on, hop off and enjoy everything the UK has to offer. The country’s rail network is literally bursting with destinations, smack bang in the ... read more

Has your house survived the Olympics? Top 3 questions

I don't know about you, but from the second Danny Boyle's epic opening ceremony started on the 27th July, I was practically glued to my TV. All I needed were the simple pleasures in life, waking up, making a cup of tea and settling down on the sofa to watch whatever our amazing athletes had in store for us that day. They didn't disappoint - archery, equestrian events, cycling, boxing and athletics enthralled us all. Usually the preserve of high profile football tournament finals, this year a ... read more

The smart way for students to reduce their motoring costs and to help the environment

In spite of many misconceptions, we know all too well just how expensive it can be to live as a student. In addition to the increasingly high accommodation costs, many are now bearing the brunt of the rising cost of course fees. But while expenses arguably come with the territory, so to speak, other costs aren’t necessarily as inevitable as you might think.  Did you know that that we as a younger generation spend around £2,499 on car insurance? To put that into perspective, that’s almost ... read more

Improve Your Spoken English! - English Speaking Courses explained by St George International, The Language Specialist

There are a plethora of English language courses to choose from: Business, General, Exam Preparation, Pronunciation etc, but probably the hardest decision to make in choosing the right kind of lesson is whether to study online or to be physically sat opposite your teacher in a traditional face-to-face class. Skype lessons, where a teacher gives a lesson over the internet, are perhaps the future of language learning. With this format, a student doesn’t have to travel to class and has the luxur... read more

Spring Accessories: The Four S/S 2013 Trends We Can’t Live Without

Spring is (almost) in the air, and we’re already thinking ahead to what the new season has in store for our wardrobes. While outfits have shifted towards a new feminine aesthetic, it’s this season’s accessories that are getting us hot under the collar. This spring, accessories have gone all futuristic, and oversized with it, making them the perfect finishing touches for those who like to make a bold style statement.Lashings of clear plastic, chunky jewellery and heavy metal have given accesso... read more

Student Trends in Coloured Contact Lenses

One of the hottest trends in eye wear right now is coloured contact lenses and many students have found that these fashionable lenses do more for their appearance than eye make-up. Coloured contact lenses come in an extensive variety of colours which can provide just about any look which someone might be attempting to achieve.Coloured contact lenses can be worn even if you do not have vision problems, in this manner, coloured contact lenses are more like fashion accessories. It is possible to... read more

Don’t Turn up the Thermostat: 5 Tips for Keeping your Home Warm This Winter

During the darker months, reaching for the thermostat to heat the home more quickly is an easy mistake to make. In fact, it’s more cost-efficient to start heating your home a little earlier than to turn up the temperature on the thermostat. Every extra degree of temperature can add up to £55 a year to your heating bill¹ so here are some alternative tips and advice on how to keep your house cosy during the colder season. 1 Fit an efficient boiler Boiler use accounts for around 60% of a househo... read more

What makes Florida such a popular holiday destination for UK tourists?

The east coast of the USA has the bustling cities of New York and Chicago while the west coast has LA and San Francisco, but it is the state of Florida that has always attracted the Brits. Is it the warmth, the theme parks, the food or the people that make it such a popular summer holiday spot? In fact, it is all of the above and more. When you decide to go to Florida, there’s no doubt that your younger brothers and sisters (and maybe even you!) will want to purchase Disney Park tickets. Flor... read more

EE adds the new HTC One SV LTE to its 4G mobile range

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art smartphone with all the benefits of EE’s superfast 4G network, the new HTC One SV LTE could be the handset for you. We recently added the device to our growing range of 4G smartphones, so here’s an overview of what you can expect from it.Ultra-efficient 4G servicesWhen 4G UK coverage was introduced last year it offered lightning-fast connectivity, instant access to cloud storage and seamless film and music streaming at the touch of a button. It also me... read more

Virtual graffiti and city guides

People seem to be finding ever more clever uses for their smartphones, and one of the latest crazes is virtual graffiti which is much better than the real stuff. Even if you detest graffiti, you should still enjoy the virtual version. Virtual graffiti refers to any virtual object, image or information that is added to an augmented reality layer of a landmark, structure or location so that it can be viewed through a smartphone or tablet after geo-locating the specific landmark etc. All over th... read more

Make Fast Food the Healthy Option with Sacla’ Sauces

When you stumble in from a night out and realise you’ve somehow managed to bypass the kebab van, the last thing you feel like doing is preparing yourself a plate of wholesome grub. The temptation is to take the hassle-free route and order yourself a takeaway - but do this more than once a week and the costs can really start to mount up. Why not plan ahead and use the time between lectures to rustle up some healthy alternatives to your fast food favourites? The easy recipes at sacla.co.uk are ... read more

Five Reasons You Should Consider Vaping

The most recent estimates suggest that the number of electronic cigarettes in the UK is approaching 800,000. At the same time there are roughly 10 million cigarette smokers still choosing to use tobacco on a regular basis. If you are one of them, is there anything specific about e-cigs that have caused you to avoid them?A number of surveys done in the UK and released this past summer show some surprising reasons why current e-cigarette users decided to make the switch in the first place. Belo... read more

Taking care of your eyes as a student

Eyesight is important for everybody, but for students - who often need to spend long amounts of time at a stretch reading and absorbing information - it can be especially vital. Developing eyesight problems a few weeks before an important exam, or the deadline for an assignment, can cause huge disruptions to your study. For this reason, we advise students to take care of their eyesight and look out for the warning signs that they may need to seek medical help.Some universities offer eye exami... read more

Going into business after completing your degree

If you're one of the many young entrepreneurs who are planning to go into business as soon as you finish your degree in 2013, this must be an exciting time for you. No doubt you've already got a business plan which you'll be refining over the next few months with the help of your tutors, allowing you to launch your company as quickly as possible after you graduate.With the economy still in a rickety shape, it may not seem like the best time to start a business - but any seasoned entrepreneur ... read more

Course options: Criminology

If you're still thinking about which course to start next year, and want something a little more exciting than the standard fare, consider a course in Criminology. You'll get to learn all the theory behind criminal and justice systems throughout history, and pick up enough to move onto a varied and fascinating career. Here's a quick overview of what to expect from the subject.What do you study?A Criminology degree looks at the ways in which national governments and the Criminal Justice System... read more

Popular Casino Games for Students

There are many popular casino games with a wide range of players.  Popular land-based casino games can now be enjoyed online by players of all ages, races and genders. As long as a player is legally able to play at an online casino they can enjoy all the benefits of the site and try their hand at any of the games that are available. Students, who often have quite a bit of free time on the hands, are very avid online casino players.Casino Games                        Some of the most popular o... read more

All new adventures in familiar places in Nintendo Land

The launch of Wii U on November 30th brought with it some exciting new launch day titles for gamers of all kinds to enjoy. But for die hard Nintendo fans, the wonderful worlds on offer in Nintendo Land will surely have caused some serious excitement.The game, which is available separately as well as with the 32GB Wii U Premium Pack, takes gamers on a trip through 12 different attractions in a Nintendo-themed park. This means loads of familiar landscapes from games like Super Mario Bros., Lege... read more

Things your mother never told you about pregnancy

The miracle of life is a very romantic image. The gradual growth of a bump, the celebrated ‘pregnant-lady glow’ and an extra-caring partner all sound beautiful. But the reality of pregnancy is far from pretty.Our mothers tell us that “the pain was all worth it”, but a lot of changes happen in the build-up to birth that nobody tells us about until we’re already experiencing it.Before you jump into such a life-changing event, you need to be aware of all the symptoms of pregnancy.The lack of con... read more

Essentials for student flats

When students are looking for accommodation, sometimes they need a little guidance as to what essential items are necessary. A Jacuzzi bath may be a major attraction and in turn a location above a curry house can appear highly advantageous, but what are the true fundamentals to look out for when choosing a student flat?There must be somewhere to cook. A kitchen without a cooker or with one gas ring won’t be sufficient for four hungry students. Varied shapes and sizes are on the market, from d... read more

Talent of the Future Student Competition from Nimlok

Nimlok are a global provider of exhibition stands and display solutions, enabling clients to reach their full potential. They have recently launched an exciting competition entitled ‘Talent of the Future’ which encourages student to submit innovative stand designs from a set of three clients briefs.The competition aims to find a winning design which facilitates a creative solution to a client’s objectives. The competition is open to all students in higher education and the final deadline for ... read more

Samsung E1190: A good call for students

After tuition fees, the average monthly cost of living as a student is £640. With rents for an academic year typically costing more than £5,000 in London, being a student can seem a huge financial challenge. But one thing you will probably (understandably) be very reluctant to forego is your mobile phone – how else will you keep in touch with friends across town or campus, and make the odd call home? There are figures suggesting that, on average, a student will spend around £24 monthly on the... read more

Sports cars or special editions – what would you buy?

Although there is room in most people's lives for a fully functional workhorse of a motor vehicle, sometimes it's nice to wonder what kind of car you would buy if you didn't have to take the kids into account or worry about whether or not the boot was big enough to fit the weekly shopping into. Go toplessAlthough the lack of any real summer in the UK this year might make you think otherwise, there is nothing better on a hot sunny summers day that putting the roof down on a car and taking a dr... read more

Students: Plan ahead for a spicy tea time

You’ve aced your exams and secured your place at university – congratulations! Chances are, this will be the first time that you’ve lived away from home. That translates into more freedom – to party, behave irresponsibly and develop your own personality. But it probably also means taking responsibility for your own cooking and washing. You’ll no longer have Mum around to look after your domestic needs. It's a universal fact that first-year students in particular find it difficult to adjust to... read more

Five reasons why a Disney Cruise beats the rest

Think of a holiday packed with luxurious and exotic locations. Now add exciting entertainment, family fun and majestic, state of the art ships, and you have a Disney Cruise. Whether you choose to go on a Caribbean Cruise, a Panamanian adventure or a voyage to the Bahamas, Disney Travel offers the perfect way to enjoy your holiday. Here are five reasons why a Disney cruise beats the rest.The shipsHaving recently launched the Disney Fantasy, its latest cruise liner, Disney now boasts a fleet of... read more

Help look after your musical instruments with contents insurance

Are you an aspiring musician or a real pro? Whichever camp you fall into, having contents insurance in place could be a comfort – especially if you lose your instruments or they accidentally get damaged. Here are a few tips on how to make sure they stay in tip-top shape, and help keep them protected – both at home and out and about. Looking after your instruments at homeWhether you play a woodwind, brass, percussion or string instrument, storage is a big part of making sure it stays in good c... read more

Five affordable ways to update your home

For any homeowner, upgrading their property is of prime importance. Interior design trends are constantly changing and for those who want to stay ahead of the curve, improvements can always be made.Of course, with personal finance levels still fairly restricted throughout the UK, affording these changes is not always so easy. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that improvements have to be sacrificed – rather that individuals simply need to find alternative ways to undertake interior decorating on ... read more

Bags of Student Style

Ditch the dodgy sports sack, plastic carriers and supermarket hessian bags for your laptops, tablets and college books and start the new term in style. A good looking, quality and practical lap top carrier, rucksack or tablet cover doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it will do wonders for your look and it will survive regular dates with the student bar floor.www.essentials4travel.co.uk has hundreds of different bags, rucksacks, laptop cases and covers, and suitcases to suit every taste and b... read more

Sex For Students

Universities are packed full of young adults. Many of them away from the restraining influence of their parents and schools for the very first time. Add to that the fact that between the ages of 18 and 21 most people’s levels of sex hormones are the highest they’ll ever be. Also consider that many students drink, and that alcohol lowers our inhibitions… This is a recipe for lots of sex.  Sex is a wonderful antidepressant: that glow and feeling of satisfaction you get after orgasm is the body ... read more

Living on a Student Budget

Living on a student budget is not an easy task, but there are things that you can do along the way to help save money for those oh so important things. Here are some tips on advice for how to manage a student budget. Know Your Bank Account If you know how much money you have coming into your bank account a month, from sources such as a part-time job, student loans, bursaries or parental assistance, then you can deduct your monthly commitments, such as rent, mobile phone bill etc, and know how... read more

Brightening Up You Student Digs

Student digs don’t have to be dark depressing places that are just about good enough to sleep off a night in the bar.Some very simple tips could transform your pad into a something a bit more stylish and very you.A lick of paint on the walls costs the equivalent of a few pints of beer and will brighten up the place no end. A cheap, large mirror will give your room a feel of space and a place to preen before a big date or a night out. A brightly coloured throw will liven up a room and ensure t... read more

How to dress for Halloween on the cheap

With the thrill of the Olympics barely behind us, another cause for celebration is on the way. With Halloween just round the corner, the time for students to begin planning their costumes is upon us. You can't just turn up in anything: cutting eye holes in an old sheet or wrapping yourself in toilet roll was barely acceptable when you were ten, never mind when you’re in your twenties.Unfortunately, the best costumes are often the most expensive – one word which no student ever wants to hear. ... read more

The players that Arsenal will task with delivering the FA Cup

Has it really been seven years since that drab afternoon at the Millennium Stadium? To this day, 21st May 2005 remains the date in which Arsenal Football Club last had their hands on a major trophy as they lifted the FA Cup following a 5-4 win on penalties over fierce adversaries Manchester United. Since then the Gunners have slipped into a chronic trophy drought that has seen them fall away from the Premier League title race and barely scrape a top four finish in recent years. And as the clu... read more

Top tips for choosing a laser eye surgery provider

These days, the internet and high street are awash with daily deals and special offers promising customers value deals on laser eye surgery. Naturally, the lure of ridding oneself of the obligation to wear glasses or contacts every day – for just a few hundred pounds– is tempting. But while laser eye surgery has become a popular procedure, candidates for the treatment should remember that it remains a serious surgery, one which, if badly executed, could lead to permanent sight damage. Therefo... read more

Online bingo boosts multiple charms

The craze for online bingo that has swept the world over the past few years is largely due to the friendly and community-led atmosphere created in the online bingo games and chat rooms. Players get to know one another and return time and again to the sites where they have friends.Why is online bingo so popular? Below, we list just some of the reasons why people across the country choose to spend their spare time playing bingo:Freedom: Online games can be accessed via a desktop, laptop, smartp... read more

Cost Guide To Finding Cheap Flights

Traditionally during this point of the holiday season, there is an increase of people searching for cheap flights. In response to this the team at Cost have announced advice on how to find the most affordable flight deals.  Cost is one of the UK’s leading comparison sites, entrusted by people up and down the country for their insurance, financial, travel and utility needs. Dedicated to helping their users find the most convenient and cost-effective arrangements, the team regularly provide rea... read more

Slots or Bingo? It's all to play for on Facebook Friendzy

The arrival of real cash gaming on Facebook via the Bingo Friendzy App launched by Gamesys, which also operates one of UK’s most popular bingo sites Jackpotjoy, marks a milestone not only in paid-for entertainment on the social networking site but also in the quality of graphics and animation in online games. The Bingo Friendzy App boasts a selection of exciting bingo games. Bingo fans can choose between entering the Candy Cove, a room draped in purple colours, or play instead Vanilla Ice-cre... read more

Cheap student nights out

Nights out don't always have to cost money. If you're on a budget, there are still plenty of activities you can do on a night out.  These are a few ideas designed to show you cheap ways to enjoy yourself. Whether you do one or more, these activities are meant to be easy on the wallet whilst giving you plenty of choice. Whether going to the nearest cinema or trying something more active, there are a wide range of alternatives available. Bowling  Much cheaper than a night out, renting a lane fo... read more

Graduate jobs: using the net to stay one step ahead

If you’re leaving university this summer and searching for graduate jobs, you may feel that you’re getting mixed messages about the graduate jobs market.  More than 50 applicants are applying for each grad post advertised, a rise of 11% on last year. Worth noting also is that around one in three newly hired graduates joins an organisation where they previously had work experience.  Overall, applications to Britain’s top employers are up by a quarter over the past three years. Some employers h... read more

Moving house: The definitive guide for students

If there is one strata of society that needs to know how to move home with the minimum of stress, it’s students. You’ll most likely be moving property at least 3 times (not counting the marathon journeys back home every summer in a Vauxhall Zafira full of overflowing boxes and low-quality duvets), and each time there’ll be utility bills to sort out, over-zealous landlords to dissuade from massacring your deposit, and delicate psycho-analysis to undertake to come to the conclusion that no, in ... read more

It pays to be a graduate

Being a student is tough these days: with the prospect of paying back large loans for tuition fees and living expenses, fewer can justify sleeping late and missing lectures, spending too much on drinking sessions or putting fun ahead of getting the most out of their substantial investment. And with a general rise in the cost of living and a stretching of family budgets, many are finding that the Bank of Mum and Dad isn’t as generous as it used to be. But students needn’t be put off – they jus... read more

10 Steps to Writing a Killer Essay

Writing an essay can be a truly daunting task, especially if you aren’t used to writing regularly. Once you are in the swing of essay writing though, it does get easier, but when you are first faced with an unimaginable word count, in the thousands, a lack of literary knowledge can be really discouraging. There are a few tips that not only get you writing confidently but can really produce a high standard of work if you put your mind to it.  1) Read the question – This may sound obvious, but ... read more

A Quarter of Brits Would Buy Stolen Goods... At The Right Price

A quarter of Britons would turn a blind eye to buy stolen designer goods if the price was right, new research shows.  In the last year around one in three adults came across suspect items for sale at a market, pub or auction website. And many are happy to fork out on the dodgy goods - especially if they are brand names. A study of more than 2,000 people, by insurer LV=, revealed that a growing number of burglars were stealing brands to order and using shops and auction websites to offload the... read more

Moving from halls to a home

First year’s finished, and you’ve successfully mastered the independent lifestyle that living in halls brings. Budgeting, time management, and carefully balancing your time between sleeping off hangovers and missing lectures are all in the bag. Good job! But now comes the fun part – moving into a real house. This is where you realise that living in halls was actually a relatively stress-free experience: no bills, no need to learn when the bins are taken out, no need to be quiet after 11pm (un... read more

Why beer is a necessary component in student life

If water is the key to life then beer is the key to student life. Our bodies are largely made up from water, in the same way that beers are: often more than 90% water. So it’s not hard to see why students and beer share such close bonds, drinking a beer is like welcoming the water home.  Okay, perhaps fiddling with the statistics is a wacky way of defining the necessity of beer in the life of a student, but stranger points have proven true. Beer is a constant in university life because at its... read more

Internet Security Programmes

As the Internet has risen and grown in popularity, more and more of us have found ourselves spending a large proportion of our time online. While this has led to speculation that some of us are now more concerned with our virtual lives than our real ones, the real problem faced is one of security. Thankfully, with leading internet security providers offering numerous software protection packages staying in control of your online persona can be incredibly easy. It is always important to have a... read more

How your gadget use could be pouring money down the drain

Have you ever stopped to think of the impact your gadget habit is having on the enviroment? Using and recharging gadgets like mobile phones and laptops is part of our everday lives but the majority of us never stop and think about the effect our gadget use are having on environment - or our electricity bills! This infographic which is brought to you in collaboration with moneysupermarket.com highlights that 78% of people over-charge their tablet computers, 76% of people over-charge their mobi... read more

Planning a Holiday Between Uni Semesters

For so many reasons, as you know, university is a strange, exciting and mind-expanding time; new people, new ideas, new surroundings, a new level of independence. But it's also a time when, for every accumulation of cultural capital (who knew when you were 16 that you'd argue about the role of art in Plato's republic, and that it might make some sense?), your reserves of actual capital – cold, hard British pounds – usually leave a lot to be desired. In other words, students are usually broke.... read more

Leasing Leads the Way

Leasing is propping up the motor industry after sales of new cars plummeted to their lowest since 1994 earlier this year. Total new registrations were 1.94m in 2011, according to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. It is the lowest total since 1994, when 1.91m cars were sold. But, the 4.4 per cent drop in new car sales would have been much worse if it wasn’t for the demand for hire and company cars. Consumer sales slumped by 14 per cent. It seems more and more people ... read more

5 beginner’s tips for picking the right credit card

If you’re at a stage where you are looking to apply for your first credit card, this guide is designed to help you understand the basics about credit cards. Understanding the process sufficiently could help you to save money in the future.  What many new customers don’t know is that all credit cards don’t have the same terms and conditions. Different cards will suit different types of customers. Some credit cards come with reward facilities, some are designed for students, some are designed f... read more

Student Accommodation – Moving Tips

Moving house is a stressful task for anyone, but especially so for students. Balancing end of year workload, whilst looking for a new place and then planning the move means that there is a real chance of overlooking important details. By following the tips below you can take care of the key issues and ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.Before you moveSecuring your bond – Successfully getting their bond back from the landlord is a problem that many students encounter. In ord... read more

Save Money and Transform Your Digs Into a Romantic Eaterie

Despite many students’ purse strings being tied, you can still treat your loved one to a special, romantic evening without it costing the earth.  Going out to posh nosh restaurants may be a way to show off class and flash the cash, but it is also a sure-fire way to break the bank and it isn’t necessarily the way to a person’s heart. Here are some top money saving tips on how to have a fantastic dreamy meal whilst being savvy.  So, you’re a student and you’ve maxed out your overdraft? All hope... read more

Save Energy and Money – See the Light

How do you save money, be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time? With many students feeling the squeeze, here are some tops tips for leading a penny-wise, responsible and yet cool student life.  Start with your lighting. Did you know that the lifetime of a conventional lamp/bulb is 1,000 hours? The lifetime of a light or lamp with LED bulbs can be up to 35,000 hours. LED lights were invented about 30 years ago, but it has only been recently as more and more people become energy efficient,... read more

All Nighter v Beauty Sleep

Students should be cutting back on the all nighters and getting their beauty sleep in a bid to up their grades, according to a study.  Students who have a good night’s sleep are more likely to perform better in exams than those who cram all night, a Washington University study of 102 students has shown.  But sleeping on your mate’s floor, in the back of a car or on holey mattresses are not going to ensure the rest you really need. Think about your grades, your health and your future and get a... read more

Achieve Your Academic Goals in 2012 with a New Outlook and a New Hair Do

Many students across the UK did the right thing by going to university after the Christmas holidays with the intention of making 2012 the year to achieve their academic goals and stick to their resolutions. It is one month into the New Year already but have things gone to plan quite as you had envisioned? Did you promise yourself that you would not start your essays the night before the deadline? Did you make an oath to your parents that you would cut down on the number of students’ nights ou... read more

Show me the money

With the recent years of recession, rising cost of living, unemployment and austerity measures, is it any wonder payday loans online have fast become a popular option for many? Let’s face it: money is tight. You’ve got bills, rent and food to think of and your meagre wage or student loan just can’t cover it all. Prices are rising, the cost of fuel is sky rocketing and the bank doesn’t want to know, so what option do you have? Payday loans  A payday loans could be the answer to your prayers. W... read more

Buying Glasses - Online Guide

The internet has made shopping easier than ever. From the comfort of your own home you can buy any product you want and have it shipped directly to your door via the post. Even buying glasses is a lot easier using the internet. By taking a few simple steps buying glasses online can be a cost effective and time saving process. The key steps are getting an up-to-date prescription and finding a website you can trust. Once you do those two things finding the right glasses becomes a matter of find... read more

How to survive a student flatshare

When you leave home and go off to university or college it’s a very exciting time, but moving out on your own can also present a few problems that can easily be avoided if approached in the right way. Follow these tips on how to survive your first year in a student flatshare. If you’re planning to live with strangers then ensure you know exactly how to go about things before you’ve moved in. That way you can avoid unnecessary stress and make sure that the time you spend in your new home is re... read more

Understand the Customer Life Cycle with CRM Software

Plenty of businesses are already familiar with the concept of CRM software and how this can be used to help track processes such as marketing and sales. However, as beneficial as this can be on its own, CRM solutions arguably have even more worth when they are integrated into wider business processes.  For example, there is a concept known as the customer life cycle, or customer life management. CRM solutions can be applied to this cycle to help improve a company’s relationships with its cust... read more

Student bursaries dictate spending under new system

For any student, bursaries and loans are a ray of hope in an otherwise financially fraught time. However, whilst students may have previously been able to spend their ‘free’ money on anything they wished – such as clothes, holidays and food – a new system is set to change all this by dictating where students can shop with this cash. According to a report in The Guardian, a scheme which has begun in the University of East London (UEL) sees students rewarded with a bursary for each semester whi... read more

The Healthy Student Survival Guide

Top tips to enhance your student lifestyle Life as a student is full on. After you’ve cleaned your room (yeah right!), attended class, crammed some last minute study in and caught up with your mates, there’s little time left to cook a decent meal. This could mean you’re putting your health at risk, but these supplements could help get you back on track. Brain booster Ever feel like your brain is mush? It could be because it’s missing out on nutrients.  The facts: Omega 3 is an essential fatt... read more

Telematics: the solution to student car insurance woes

So you’ve passed your driving test and bought your car. You’re now ready for that amazing feeling of independence, and all that remains is to get insured. This should be straightforward enough, yet young drivers are often getting sky high quotes…so why is this? Well, traditional insurers can’t quote based on an individual driver – after all, they don’t know you or how you drive. Instead, what they do is to group drivers together. One way they do this is by age. Drivers aged 17 to 25 are stati... read more

Leeds Trinity University Open Day

Leeds Trinity University College may not be the biggest university but it has a lot to offer. Set in the beautiful city of Leeds, the University offers a wide range of courses on a multitude of subjects and taking part in one of the open days will allow you to take a closer look at the university, its campus and its opportunities A choice of courses The University offers a wide range of courses and whatever you wish to learn, their degree courses are likely to have something to match your tas... read more

Choosing a Portuguese holiday

The rich cultural heritage, history and incredibly relaxed pace of life in Portugal embodies the epitome of holiday perfection for many holidaymakers and tourists every year, yet remains an untapped goldmine of pleasure for many people who have yet to experience Portugal’s charm.With its unique and comfortable blend of European and North African culture, Portugal straddles the Atlantic Sea on the Western shores of the Spanish landmass. Just over the top of the Straits of Gibraltar and exotic ... read more

Online Romance, Making the Most of the Internet

Everyone feels lonely sometimes. Even on a busy student campus, some find it hard to reach out or find someone they can connect with. There's never a guarantee, after all, that the right person for you will even be at your university or college. However, outside in the real word can often be just as difficult. Luckily, online dating is an easy solution to these problems. Using online dating services allows anyone to go online and search for someone to talk and share things with. The internet ... read more

Expand your horizons this summer with City Travel Review’s study/work abroad gap programmes

Experiencing life abroad as a student is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Getting to grips with a foreign country’s language, culture, customs and history, is a great way of stepping off campus life and gaining a new life perspective – not to mention giving a great boost to your C.V. City Travel Review organises study/work gap programmes for young people, combining cross-cultural language training with creative team research projects in some of Europe’s most exciting cities, includ... read more

Mario Kart 7 - 3D racing technology and so much more!

It’s time to rev your engines and head for that chequered flag one more time, as Mario Kart 7 has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS. Everything that made Mario Kart so successful in the past is here, plus there are all kinds of new things to look forward to. There’s the usual fast-paced kart racing with some of your favourite Nintendo characters, but now the multiplayer mayhem, cup challenges and brilliant battle modes are all the more exciting – thanks to the 3D power of the Nintendo 3DS system. B... read more

Make Your New Student Digs Comfortable To Avoid Getting Homesick

It can be a daunting prospect moving away from home for the first time to go to university. As well as being exciting, it is also a very nerve racking concept especially because it means that you are finally growing up.  Many students choose to live on university campuses in student halls and for some it might only be a short train journey home at the weekend- for others a more costly flight. Whether you move a few miles away or a thousand, every student is bound to become homesick at some po... read more

Fun filled adventures in Florida

A vacation in Florida will undoubtedly deliver a fun holiday jam-packed with adventure and excitement for any period you wish to stay. Orlando in Florida is unsurprisingly the third most popular city visited by travellers to America. This comes as no great shock as Orlando boasts the best theme park attractions in the world.  Whether you are visiting Florida for a family holiday, a couple’s get-away or an exciting trip with friends, you will enjoy your stay in Florida with Virgin Holidays du... read more

Types of savings accounts: your guide

Find out all you need to know about different types of savings accounts There are so many types of savings accounts available and deciding on the right one for you can be difficult.  It’s a good idea to find out more about what’s on offer before choosing the right savings account for you  Access your savings at any time You never know what’s around the corner so if you think you’ll need to dip into your savings at some point, you’ll need an instant access savings account. If you want to pay a... read more

Keeping motivated throughout the job hunt

Looking for work can be a long and tedious process of trawling through the job websites, local newspapers and your little book of business contacts that might be able to help you. When hunting for a new job, it’s easy lose motivation and fall into a slump of backwards sleeping patterns, daytime television and not getting dressed. Rejection emails, bad interviews and employers not getting back to you don’t exactly fill you with excitement at the prospect of filling in another application form.... read more

How To Repay Your Student Loan

Having always been something of a contentious and controversial subject, the issue of student loans stormed to the forefront of news bulletins and public consciousness earlier this year following the coalition government's announcement that fees could rise to as much as £9,000 for each year of study.  Thousands lined the streets in furious protest as people calculated exactly how long after the completion of their degrees they would remain in debt. Loans are enough of a minefield as it is, wi... read more

What to get your flatmates for your first secret Santa

It’s that happy time of year again, when the shops are filled with Christmas stock, festive lights are being switched on all over the country and the draw for secret Santa is approaching.  If you’re dreading pulling out names from the hat and ending up with somebody you don’t really know, fear not, as there are hundreds of gift ideas out there to suit all styles and budgets, from a personalised pen to a pampering session.  If you have only lived with your flatmates for a few months, your idea... read more

Does a student need a car?

The typical student stereotype is an individual who is both financially poor and fiscally irresponsible. While such assumptions are more than a little unfair, it is an unavoidable truth that, while at university, many find money to be at a premium and not always available. Given these circumstances, and the cost of running and maintaining a car, is it wise to own one during your studies? Well, possibly not, but looking at many new car offers there is some very good value for money available. ... read more

Start planning your summer festivals or gap year travel now!

The nights are long, and you are juggling a job, a relentless social calendar, an essay crisis and goodness knows what else.  One of the best ways of warding off winter gloom is to look forward to the freedom of the summer months, and the chance they bring to travel, go to music festivals and generally kick back and enjoy life!  Especially if you’ve got big plans, perhaps for some lengthy travelling after graduating, it’s not too early to start thinking about the kit you will be taking with y... read more

Hidden drinking gems in London

There is no doubt that London is certainly a great place for a night out. And you don’t have to go far to find a good pub, club, or bar. Tourists and locals alike flock to the big-name areas such as Camden, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden. These are all great places for a fun night out, but some of the best bars in London are off the beaten track. If you haven’t heard of them, you won’t find them, so take note and remember their location next time you’re out on the town. For cocktail conn... read more

Manchester Deals: Saving Money On Everything From Boiler Services to Pilot Experiences

For the residents of Manchester, there have always been a number of great activities available to them. Of course, some activities can often be more expensive than anticipated, deterring some people from taking part in certain activities or events. Luckily, thanks to the help of online voucher sites, this is no longer the case and Manchester residents have recently been able to save money on everything from boiler services to simulator fighter pilot experiences. The best feature of these deal... read more

Boss pedals keep it real

The creation of sound and melody continually evolves, and the phenomenon that is music retains it's age old power to speak the language of the human soul. The trained ear of a music professional will hear the hair splitting changes in the tone and resonance of any given instrument, as the sound is amplified and manipulated to create the desired result. In an age where digital is king, advances in instrument effects are ground breaking. On the same note there is a danger of losing some of the ... read more

Backpacking around Australia

Cheap flights to Sydney - good call, but what about the salties?  Beware the salties. They'll grab you quicker than you can say, 'Pass me another Pimms from the hamper, darling.' What good your cheap flights to Sydney then? So pay attention, all you backpacking students out there who think Oz is the wizardly person from that old black and white1939 film musical. If you're not careful, then Oz'll get you, chew up your cheap ticket faster than a walk through Paraburdoo, and believe me, that's g... read more

Backpacking around Asia

Cheap flights to Bangkok - but there's a lot more to think about!  So you've successfully completed the first year of university. And you've found student life is a bit of a slog. But you've worked hard and reaped the benefits. Now it's time for some fun, fun and more fun, not to mention bags of sunshine, too. The cheap flights to Bangkok are booked, the backpack has been dusted down and you're ready to go! Thailand, a country filled with mystery and beauty, where glorious islands and empty ... read more

How To Find the Best Online Casino

With so many different casinos offering their services across the web it can be hard for newcomers to know which casino is offering them the best deals. Researching an online casino prior to playing is essential for any individual, but how can this be done? If you are new to the world of online gambling, follow these tips on what to look out for. There are a number of different factors which need to be considered before entering an online casino. First of all, you will need to be over 18 befo... read more

Can Large Families Benefit From Environmentally Friendly Cars?

With the world continuing to focus on its carbon footprint, many individuals are doing the same. This evaluation of our lifestyle and daily habits means that many people are wondering whether or not they could benefit from using environmentally friendly products, such as cars. Families typically require larger cars, something not always associated with environmentally friendly vehicles, but can they still benefit from this type of vehicle, and how? The most important thing to remember about e... read more

The Scientific Advent Calendar and E=mc2

Just because you're a student now doesn't mean advent calendars are not worthy of serious thought or investigation. You know, E=mc2? Or to put it another way, Energy = masses of chocolate squares! Now that's an equation worthy of Einstein himself. Bet he would have loved it, too!  In fact, talking of Einstein and other famous scientists, what about a scientific advent calendar – no, not a scientific advent calculator. Listen up. Let's get serious here. Anyway, all the chocolate buttons would ... read more

Top 10 things to do before moving into halls

Whether it’s your first time at university or you are returning to halls for your second or third year, getting ready to go to university can be both exciting and daunting. With all that nervous energy you may well forget some of the essential things that you will need to do prior to your move. Here are the top 10 things to remember in preparation for the big day. 1. Bank accounts Even in tough financial times banks are falling over themselves to offer university students a bank account as th... read more

Wheelchair accessible vehicles help students chase the dream!

Owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles have the joy of mobility and the freedom to enjoy the open road. But it can also help achieve the dream of a university education! If you've got what it takes academically, then the sky is the limit. You can study anywhere you want to, even if the university happens to be at the other end of the country.  Society is much more geared towards the disabled community than ever before. In fact, people with a disability are positively encouraged by our colle... read more

5 Steps to Choosing a Credit Card

Credit cards can be an extremely useful financial tool, that can help you manage your money and plan your spending. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that they are so popular with so many people. If you are thinking of applying for a credit card , it’s important that you do some research and make sure you apply for one that is right for you. This is because there are so many different cards on the market, all of them offering slightly different things that you should definitely consider befor... read more

How to Search for the Best Gas and Electricity Deals

If you live in the United Kingdom and are interested in saving some money on your gas and electricity service, you need to know how to go about finding the best deals. There definitely are ways to save on your gas and electricity consumption. The following are some tips on how to go about finding the best prices for these basic utilities. Make a List:  One thing you should do is to make a list of providers of gas and electricity so that you can easily compare them. There are a number of ways ... read more

Brits love to boast about their money saving buys

There’s nothing better than a bargain and Brits get a kick out of saving money: over half love to boast about their money saving.  According to the latest research 48% of the nation love the feeling of saving money and one in two people admit to going out of their way to save money. That elated feeling of success because a bargain has been had is one which is shared up and down the country. What’s more, few of us can keep this money saving feeling a secret. The research found that 58% of p... read more

Are you Internet safety conscious with your kid's laptop?

Internet safety is often overlooked by parents, many of whom are blind to the potential dangers lurking online. It’s vital that parents are safety conscious when it comes to the Internet, and that they are aware of the websites their kids are accessing.  The fact remains that many children know more about the Internet than their parents. While this is great for the child (as the Internet can be a fantastic tool to aid their learning and development), this knowledge gap may cause problems. Con... read more

How to Make Money for University!

It’s a story as old as the existence of universities themselves. Fees, living costs and course costs like books, equipment and exams really do drain the finances and create the stereotype of the baked beans loving, cash strapped student.  One of the biggest problems experienced by prospective and current students is how to make money while at university. Part time jobs are great if you can get them, but living in a student town, the recession, and the impact of working hours on your studies a... read more

How to beat freshers’ flu…and actually study

Freshers’ flu is part and parcel of most students’ first few weeks at university; but there are steps you can take to try and avoid ailments and ensure you are fighting fit to enjoy your student days and make the investment in all those university books worthwhile.  The term ‘freshers’ flu’ is a little misleading, most people won’t suffer from full-blown flu; a combination of drinking too much, living on fast food and not getting enough sleep will usually contribute to most students developin... read more

Risking it all: what we do on vacation that we’d never dream of doing at home

Going on vacation offers us the chance to kick back and unwind, and while it’s great to let your hair down while you’re away from home, is it worth throwing all caution to the wind and taking risks that you normally wouldn’t? If you feel like it’s time to embark upon a long-overdue overseas escapade, make sure you look after yourself and the rest of your party – and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t skimp on the cost of your vacation by cutting out the ... read more

How to Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered as the centre, or heart, to any home. Children and adults alike use this as an area to talk and to create great and tasty meals. But how do you make sure that you keep everyone involved in the kitchen? And what are the best ways to encourage your kids to cook? Cooking is a great activity to share with children because it helps to prepare them for later life whilst being enjoyable. Encouraging your children to help in the kitchen can be done in a number of simpl... read more

Men take stag parties back to their outdoor roots

The classic image of a stag party usually involves a night of over indulgence in local pubs, clubs and bars ending with the groom to be handcuffed to a lamp post, clothing optional. Over the last few years this has changed a little, with more stags (and hens) taking advantage of budget airline prices and heading off to European cities and towns for a weekend of indulgence in clubs and bars ending with the groom to be handcuffed to a lamp post, clothing optional…  However, now the bar has bee... read more

Grab a bargain before term starts

The summer break is coming to an end but there is still plenty of time to dash out of the UK, so why not take the plunge and book a city break? Most people are familiar with popular destinations, such as Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, so why not try somewhere in ‘New Europe’? Get a group of friends on board and take advantage of the enticing Krakow breaks on offer? Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and it has plenty to offer all kinds of travellers. Widely regarded as Poland’s cultural capit... read more

How to Make a Free Website and How to Profit From It

Do you have the IT skills to create a website? Or, do you feel that this is a job best left to IT professionals with a deep understanding of web design and HTML? The truth is it is now easier than ever to make a website and requires no in-depth technical knowledge; getting your free website to earn you an additional source of revenue is also possible, if you know how!Making Your Free Website Creating a free website is simple: just head to a website creation site (there are many to choose from... read more

Become An English Teacher This Summer

Whether you have just completed your first year at university or have recently graduated, the long summer ahead can seem daunting. If you find that the last few Pounds of your student loan have already been allocated to cover the mounting end-of-term bills, or find yourself increasingly disillusioned with the depressed job market, a job teaching English language courses could provide you with a thoroughly fulfilling summer, as well as being an excellent addition to your CV.Teaching is a truly... read more

Think twice about modifying your motor

An insurance expert has stressed to vehicle owners the need to think twice before making radical changes to their cars as modified car insurance may cost as much as 101 per cent more than a regular policy.Adding a body kit could more than double the price of car insurance, according to findings published by leading price comparison website moneysupermarket.com. Having a car phone installed or alloy wheels fitted might also push up premiums by 44 per cent and 62 per cent respectively.The study... read more

How Students Can Bet For Free

With bookmakers and websites competing for your attention it is not difficult to make some relatively easy money these days with little risk, or even in some circumstances no risk at all. Sports betting community site OLBG.com has these 5 tips for making betting pay. 1. New Account Free Bets The easiest way to bet for free is to take advantage of all the free bets that are on offer with the online bookies. Nearly every bookie offers a sign up bonus so the fewer betting accounts that you alrea... read more

Escaping the Eurozone

Escaping the Eurozone for a bargain beach breakFrom house swaps to camping trips, there are lots of innovative ways to help make your travel money go further. And now there's one more to add to the list.  If you and your family normally go on a European holiday, you could potentially make significant savings by looking beyond the usual contenders of Spain and Greece to countries outside the eurozone. Not only could it make your travel money go further, but you'll still be able to enjoy everyt... read more

Designer Bathrooms

There is no reason why you can’t have a stylish, designer bathroom in your house. Regardless of whether you live in a small three bedroom semi or a large detached manor house, there are styles suited to all budgets and requirements.  The range of designer bathrooms available has expanded vastly over the past few years with an increase in demand for impressive house designs. Nowadays we all seem to want the best possible design features for our homes, and this includes our bathrooms. So, if yo... read more

Mini Fridges for everyone!

CALLING ALL STUDENTS! Enjoy going to festivals?!? Want chilled drinks in your room?!? Love drinking cold beer anytime, anyplace?!? Well minifridge.co.uk has all the products that you need to feed your drinking habit! From mini fridges to beer fridges, mini bars, wine fridges to home bars, and electric cool bags to electric cool boxes, you won't ever have a warm drink again! Have a selection of beverages in your room, take them to the library or have them on the move, stay hydrated and s... read more

Leeds Trinity University College: Teaching Excellence Increases Career Prospects

Deciding to go to university is a big decision, more so than ever with the proposed changes to fees and funding. Find out why Leeds Trinity University College offers great opportunities in higher education.Finding the right independent higher education institution for graduates and students is increasingly important for success in the jobs market, which is why Leeds Trinity University have extremely well-established links with local business, industry and schools (as part of our PGCE courses)... read more

Perfect Budget Baking Tips For Students

Despite students insisting that they never have enough time to study, a lot of them can always find the time to bake cakes or cupcakes, probably because they are such a big hit at house parties – especially when there is a cheeky shot of liquor involved. Although many student may have a lot of recipe ideas that they are dying to try out, they often don’t have the resources readily available due to a lack of funds. This article will take you through some top tips for budget student baking so y... read more

Parents Cramping Your Style This Summer? Pack Them Off And Enjoy The Taste Of Freedom

This summer you can have some much-needed time to yourself as well as getting in your parents' good books, by getting them on the Internet and encouraging them to take advantage of one of the many fantastic last-minute deals currently available.Booking a trip just days beforehand can cut costs dramatically. While at first this may seem a little scary, don't let that put you off. Whether they're into city breaks or package holidays, they will be pleasantly surprised with the savings they could... read more

Women’s Bingo

Recent research on media use carried out by the Northwestern University in the United States, indicated that children and adults spend more and more time online, visiting social networking sites, shopping, surfing the net, reading books, magazines and newspapers and playing online games. The study also illustrated how online habits have changed in the last couple of years, with 10% of all US internet time spent on online gaming - now the first most popular online activity, which has even over... read more

Saving money on insurance needn’t mean breaking the law

With the cost of car insurance rising at an alarming rate every year, drivers can hardly be blamed for trying to save money in every way possible. However, a new study by price comparison site Moneysupermarket.com has revealed that many families are illegally ‘fronting’ on their children’s car insurance to save money, though many of them fail to realisethat they’re breaking the law.As many as one in 10 drivers in Moneysupermarket’s survey admitted they had named their child as a second driver... read more

How to Spot Instant Attraction; and Whether You Can

One of the key elements to a lasting relationship is attraction. We all crave it, a link with another human so irresistible you feel drawn to them; and this feeling is, of course, ever stronger when it is mutual.You might not believe in finding romance online but you will be surprised to discover just how many singles are doing just that; if you look on a dating website Nottingham, for example, is home to lots of singles looking for love.While attraction can be great it can also be fretful, d... read more

Jackman to Star in Robot Boxing Movie "Real Steel"

In October 2011, Hugh Jackman's newest movie "Real Steel" is set to be released. Based on a Richard Matheson (writer of "I am Legend") short story "Steel", the movie is set not too far in the future where the sport of boxing has been taken over by boxing robots. Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, a washed up ex professional boxer who could have once been number 1 in the world. Barely making enough cash to survive by fight scrap metal robots in illegal fights, Charlie is really hitting rock... read more

When Fancy Dress Goes Wrong: Dodgy Costumes That Made the Headlines

Many a wannabe princess swooned last month as Prince Harry made a rather handsome best man at his brother’s high profile nuptials. However, while the young Prince cut quite a dash in his military uniform, he hasn’t always come across as so patriotic.Scandalous pictures of him at a student fancy dress party dressed as a Nazi cemented Harry’s rebel reputation, and caused the palace embarrassment that they could have done without.Third in line to the throne Harry, who was photographed with drink... read more

A Keen Student of Poker

One of the joys about being a student is that in amongst all the studying, revision, essays and dissertations, there is a chance to socialise and enjoy yourself with new friends from a wide range of different backgrounds from all over the country. Traditionally, students used to head to the student bar, head off to town or host their own house parties but the increasing interest, some would say addiction, to people gathering together in order to play one of the many forms of poker games, is c... read more

Saving those student pennies by changing the gas and electric

Saving money on your student energy supply  When you’re a student, many things can occupy your thoughts on a daily basis – or not. Choosing a t-shirt to wear, committing your time to one particular daytime TV show over another, selecting a loaf of bread that will best complement your tin of baked beans – all of these dilemmas can often prove to be time consuming and perplexing. Some students even have studying to contend with. Often, the last thing students have time to think about is their e... read more

Egypt, Italy, Greece: Who's the Pick of the Ancient World?

For many people, a holiday is about the three Ss: sun, sea and sightseeing. Those interested in important historical and archeological sites should consider Egypt holidays for the history lesson of a lifetime.Offering the amazing opportunity to visit one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Egypt is a country full of magnificent architecture and artifacts.The pyramids of Giza are indeed a wonder to behold, and it[s difficult to imagine that they have stood for thousands of years. At 450... read more

Why Purchase Student Contents Insurance?

So you’re at university and you’ve got yourself a nice flat full of good friends. What could possibly go wrong? Well, unfortunately, British university students suffer a great deal at the hands of opportunist thieves and burglars, so it’s well worth taking some precautions to ensure that your good times don’t turn sour.Many believe that students present a soft target to Britain’s criminals, and it’s sad to say that this common conception can often turn out to be true. In 2007 Leeds University... read more

Your First Port of Call for Online Bingo

Online bingo is one of the fastest growing leisure activities in the UK. There are now an estimated 50,000 regular players of the game online and that number is growing on a daily basis. The question is, though, how can a new user be sure that the site they are joining has all the features, security and reliability they need to enjoy playing the game regularly?For many years the only way of being able to judge the quality of a bingo site was to either take a risk and check it out for yourself... read more

Student thrifty tips: saving pounds and stretching the pennies at Uni

The financial landscape is tough for most, but it’s increasingly tight for students especially. With VAT increases, student fee hikes and high property rental prices there is a real need to trim expenses and find savings across the entire lifestyle board. But whilst a small budget needs extra time and attention to detail, it doesn’t have to mean less – here’s our guide to saving pounds and stretching the pennies at uni.  Competitive utilitiesShop around for competitive deals on your household... read more

What is Temporary Car Insurance and Why Should I Get It?

Because of the way the typical student lives - toing and froing between the family home and their student digs - insurance companies offer very handy temporary car insurance, and happily, it caters incredibly well to the nature of the undergraduate’s rather transient lifestyle. If a student needs usually drives the family car when they return home, then obviously, they need the appropriate insurance cover. While regular insurance policies require a year’s contract, car insurance for young ... read more

Double-Digit Seeds Could Be Profitable On Thursday

It’s a busy time of year for those making college basketball picks at BetUs – and everywhere else – as the NCAA Tournament starts on Tuesday (we’re not counting this “First Four” nonsense), and it’s always fun to see which low seeds could come away with the win. Here are three games in which this could be the case.Michigan State vs. UCLAThe Spartans may be the most dangerous 10-seed in the history of the Tournament, and the core of this team has been to two straight Final Fours, including a l... read more

Why SeeSaw is the TVOD choice for students

Nowadays, most TV channels have on-demand websites so you can catch up on the shows you’ve missed, but there aren’t many sites that let you watch all your favourites in one place. However, with SeeSaw.com you can do just that, and with over 5000 hours of TV available online right now, you won’t be running out of shows to watch any time soon.SeeSaw’s multitude of telly treats is undoubtedly good news for everyone, but if you’re a student then you’ll definitely want to read on. Most of you will... read more

Winnie the Pooh is Back in an All New Adventure!

The lovable bear that is all “stuffed with fluff” is back! “Winnie the Pooh” the all new feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is out in cinemas on 15th April 2011 and is Pooh’s first starring role for over 30 years! Do you remember watching Winnie the Pooh cartoons as a child? Maybe your parents read you the Winnie the Pooh stories before you went to sleep at night? The Winnie the Pooh stories are a classic part of almost everyone’s childhood and, even though they were published ov... read more

Head to New York and See the Friends’ City

New York is a friendly cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer young people visiting the destination, which is known the world over thanks to its uncountable appearances in Hollywood movies. There is a wide variety of cheap hotels in New York that offer friendly rates to people who may need to keep an eye on their budget while exploring its myriad attractions. New York's place as one of the most desirable destinations to visit in the world has been sealed by award-winning movies and televis... read more

Five of the Best West End Musicals

Thinking of taking a trip around the London shows? Or just fancy an evening out? Well, before you book those Billy Elliot tickets make sure you check out some of our favourites on the West End stage.Les MiserablesThe longest-running musical in West End history and quite rightly so. Les Miserables is an emotional rollercoaster of a show, focusing on the toils of a vigilante named Jean Valjean in the early 19th century. Based on the famed Victor Hugo novel published in 1862, you may think it mi... read more

Helping you manage your finances while you study

Ensuring you keep your spending under control is vital while studying at university. Opening a student bank account can be one of the best ways to do this – especially if you plan on getting a part-time job during your course. Banks and building societies all offer varying degrees of flashy rates and deals – so you need to be aware of what factors contribute to a truly worthwhile current account. Read on to find out how a current account can really help you as a student – and about the other ... read more

Finished uni, what are your options?

The world after university can seem a daunting place for graduates, but there is a wealth of options available after completing an undergraduate course. Whether a university leaver wants to continue studying through postgraduate courses, start their career or take a year out to go travelling and experience the world, it is an exciting time with opportunities galore. A large proportion of students leaving university will go into the world of work, whether it is through a graduate job or more g... read more

The young stars of Tron: Legacy

With the new Tron Legacy film due out at the end of the year, the young stars of the film can expect to have their names connected with what may become as much of a cult classic as the original Tron film from 1982. So, what is their background and will they be able to keep up with screen veterans Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and Martin Sheen? Born in 1984, Garrett Hedlund came into the world two years after the original Tron film came out, but that doesn't mean he isn't perfect for the Tron... read more

Getting better at bingo with Jackpot Joy

When you are playing on Jackpot Joy Bingo, it can be great fun and an arresting notion to be in with the chance of winning thousands of pounds. What would you do if you won a progressive jackpot? Even though bingo is a game of chance, there are ways that you can ready yourself for having a great game which can change your life for the better. This article will begin to tell you more.One of the best tips when you are playing bingo can be to spend the money you have incredibly wisely. Even thou... read more

Europe’s Largest Credit Card Provider, MBNA, Unveils Zero Transfer Fee* Card

In a credit card market where 18% APR is the average and balance transfer deals are a rarity, MBNA has come up with an outstanding new card for UK credit seekers. The MBNA Platinum credit card comes with no handling fee on money and balance transfers and an introductory rate of 1.9 percent for a full 12 months.*Now, with an offer this good, there is one requirement – that zero handling fee and low rate only apply to balance transfers and money transfers made in the first 90 days of the accoun... read more

A mobile that makes waves in the smartphone marketf

Many of us are looking for the perfect smartphone right now. A mobile that can do everything we want it to and more! You always hear whispers about which smartphone is the best and your friends are never afraid to give their opinion on which phone you should get - usually boasting the credentials of their own. The only way to pick the right smartphone for you though is to have a closer look at the features it has and whether it ticks all of the boxes as far as you’re concerned. Take the Samsu... read more

Compare a Variety of Insurance Plans in Less Than Five Minutes

Today’s insurance market is full of a wide variety of competitors that all offer unique coverage plans, to the extent that the sheer number of policies can seem daunting, and while it’s safe to say that we all want to protect ourselves, we all have better things to do with our time than sitting around in front of the computer and entering the same details over and over again on different websites when looking for insurance quotes. Comparethemarket.com has been created to help save users time ... read more

Debt problems: Help put them to the back of your mind

As a student, working hard and enjoying nights out are at the top of your priority list. Something that you don’t want to encounter is debt problems, which will distract you from experiencing everything that university has to offer. Having to cancel a night out with your friends because of a lack of cash is a situation arising for more and more people as a result of the economic difficulties that have hit the country, but you should be able to keep your own house in order without too much tro... read more

Transform your mobile with a pay as you go SIM only deal from giffgaff

Everyone uses their phone everyday taking it everywhere. Choosing a plan is crucial, but often choices are limited. This is no longer the case; pay monthly tariffs poses another option.The mobile phone market typically offers a choice; long term contracts or pay as you go options. However, they don’t meet every mobile users needs. Some people want to use their mobile regularly but don’t want a long-term deal. This is where a SIM card from giffgaff can transform your mobile. As a pay as you go... read more

Virtual Bingo Games

The strategy, risk, and potential of making money at bingo games will excite you. But when you go to play bingo in the UK it always involves a trip to the local casino. Forget trips to the casino, free online bingo games can save you the effort of driving to the casino and spending loads of money on petrol. If you’re the kind of person who is passionate about bingo then you might enjoy playing bingo online. No need to dress to impress, instead relax in the comfort of your home while playing.... read more

The Toy Story franchise returns again

The Toy Story franchise is set to hit our cinema screens again this summer as Woody and co return for their third outing in Toy Story 3. A firm favourite with families, the toys in the film have taken on personalities of their own and have also looked the part, with the initial Toy Story film the first feature length movie to be made using computer animated graphics. Over the years the Disney Pixar animators have created dozens of characters who we’ll see again in all their glory this summer.... read more