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Win Up to £1000 in an Exclusive Poker Tournament

William Hill and studentbeans.com are bringing you an Exclusive Poker Tournament. So head to the Best Online Poker Room on Sun 4th March 2012!


studentbeans.com has teamed up with William Hill to offer all our users the chance to get involved in this exclusive poker tournament - and maybe even win a grand!

There are lots of online poker rooms, but only William Hill Poker has been able to combine decades of experience on the high street with incredible software to produce a poker room that has something for everyone! William Hill are the acknowledged masters of the gambling world and when it comes to poker they have already spent years operating one of the most successful poker rooms on the World Wide Web.

It’s really easy to deposit with William Hill and more importantly it’s really safe to do so. William Hill’s experience means that they know exactly how to protect player’s money. Their reputation has been built up over generations of providing services over the counter to players and they pride themselves on never having an unsatisfied customer.

William Hill and studentbeans.com Tournament details:

  • Tournament begins Sunday 4th March at 8pm
  • Win up to £1000
  • It's just £5 to buy in to the tournament

To get involved, you'll need to select William Hill's "free download" and join up using our code, found in our William Hill Offer listing. Then simply go to the tournament before Sunday 4th March (search by date or name in The WiIliam Hill Exclusive section), click register, and enter our password. You'll also need to deposit your £5 before you begin. So what are you waiting for? Head over to William Hill on Sunday 4th March at 8pm to win up to £1000!

Good luck!

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